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At the Earth’s Core

At the Earth's CoreBy Edgar Rice Burroughs

At the Earth’s Core is Edgar Rice Burrough’s classic science fiction novel. Adventurer David Innes and inventor Abner Perry drill to the core of the Earth with the machine built by Perry, called the “Iron Mole”.

They discover a weird and wonderful primitive world called Pellucidar with strange people and living beings. Here is no sense of time, and danger is on the lurk around every cranny and nook of this world.

Innes falls in love with “Dian the Beautiful” and spends many adventures to find her after being separated from her. He also has to contend with “Jubal the Ugly One”, a hideous giant of a savage man who wants Dian for himself.

Will Innes and Perry be able to survive this terrifying and treacherous world?

ISBN: 978-1-920265-01-4

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Type: Paperback (US Trade – 6×9 inch)
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Type: Paperback (US Trade – 6×9 inch)
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