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Carnacki, The Ghost Finder

Carnacki, The Ghost FinderBy William Hope Hodgson

Carnacki, The Ghost Finder contains six short stories featuring the skeptical, pompous, obnoxious and opinionated Thomas Carnacki, who is a paranormal detective bent on uncovering hoaxes of bogus hauntings and ghosts. But sometimes even the great Carnacki has to deal with truly horrific things that cannot be explained by reason…

The following classic horror short stories are included in the book:

1. The Gateway of the Monster
2. The House among the Laurels
3. The Whistling Room
4. The Horse of the Invisible
5. The Searcher of the End House
6. The Thing Invisible

This book also includes a detailed biography of the author, William Hope Hodgson.

ISBN: 978-1-920414-72-6; 978-1-920414-71-9

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