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postheadericon Get Balance in Your Life

Get Balance in Your LifeBy Clive Boyett

How to Balance Your Life as a Busy, Stressed-Out Individual

The characteristics of modern society are a combination of long working hours, stress, bad diet and lack of exercise and can lead to an excess of health-related problems. Yet, we feel pressurized to have it all – a big house, two smart cars, a career, and a family. But you need to review these demands in life and decide what your priorities are.

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postheadericon Time: Your Ally or Your Enemy?

Time: Your Ally or Your Enemy?By Clive Boyett

Get Time on Your Side with Effective Time Management Techniques

‘Tempus Fugit’, or Time Flies as expressed in Latin, is a saying that is very relevant in our modern lives. We would often feel the urgency of life, the rapid changes of our environment, and the fast mobility of people and work.

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