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Here is an excerpt from the exciting Boer War book “Commando – a Boer Journal of the Boer War” by Deneys Reitz:

“I was awakened, I do not know how long after, by the clash of rifle-fire near by, and, starting to my feet half dazed, saw a number of English soldiers standing before their horses and blazing away at my seven companions, who were riding down the valley for their lives. I had only myself to blame for being left behind, as they did not know where I was, and were in any case unable to wait. My chief hope of escape was my horse, but he was standing inside the field in full view of the firing soldiers. They had not yet noticed me, as I was screened by the fence, so I parted some of the branches to see what chance there was of getting at my pony. By great good luck he was standing on the other side, within a few yards of me. The firing had alarmed him, for he was restlessly tossing his head and sniffing the air, and I could see that in another moment he would bolt…”

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postheadericon Commando

CommandoBy Deneys Reitz

A Boer Journal of the Boer War

(Revised in May 2009). Deneys Reitz was 17 when the Boer War broke out in 1899. Reitz describes that he had no hatred of the British people, but “as a South African, one had to fight for one’s country.” Reitz had learned to ride, shoot and swim almost as soon as he could walk, and the skills and endurance he had acquired during those years were to be made full use of during the war.

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