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A short biography of Deneys Reitz can be obtained from an excerpt of the “About the Author” section of his thrilling Boer War book “Commando -a Boer Journal of the Boer War”:

Deneys Reitz (1882—1944) was a Boer Commando, South African soldier and politician. While still in his teens, Deneys Reitz served in the Boer forces during the Second Boer War. As a commando he fought in both the first conventional phase of the war and the second guerrilla phase. In the latter, he accompanied General Jan Smuts on raids deep into the Cape Province; he continued to fight to the “bitter end”, and then went to live in Madagascar rather than sign the peace terms which every Boer soldier was called upon to sign. While in exile in Madagascar, he wrote about his experience of the Boer War, so that, when it was eventually edited and published in 1929 as Commando: A Boer Journal Of The Boer War, it still had the freshness and detail of an account written soon after the war. Not only is the account very well written and an important source for the Second Boer War, his family connections (his father was State Secretary of the Transvaal) and sheer luck provides for a unique account, because he was present at virtually every major event of the war…”

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CommandoBy Deneys Reitz

A Boer Journal of the Boer War

(Revised in May 2009). Deneys Reitz was 17 when the Boer War broke out in 1899. Reitz describes that he had no hatred of the British people, but “as a South African, one had to fight for one’s country.” Reitz had learned to ride, shoot and swim almost as soon as he could walk, and the skills and endurance he had acquired during those years were to be made full use of during the war.

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