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One of the most well known Henry Ford books is his autobiography and business philosophy where he discusses topics like reduced working hours, a minimum wage, the five-day work week, etc. Another topic deals with the first assembly line. Here is an excerpt from the book:

“Along about April 1, 1913, we first tried the experiment of an assembly line. We tried it on assembling the flywheel magneto. We try everything in a little way first–we will rip out anything once we discover a better way, but we have to know absolutely that the new way is going to be better than the old before we do anything drastic. I believe that this was the first moving line ever installed. The idea came in a general way from the overhead trolley that the Chicago packers use in dressing beef…”

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My Life and WorkBy Henry Ford

Though the title of “My Life and Work” suggests the book to be the autobiography of Henry Ford, this is in fact a manual of business philosophy by one of the world’s greatest industrialists, businessmen, entrepreneurs and visionaries. The book describes how Ford introduced the assembly line, reduced working hours, a minimum wage, the five-day work week, etc. at the beginning of the previous century.

Manufacturing methods such as “Just-in-Time” (JIT) manufacturing are described. The JIT methodology was later on adopted by Toyota in Japan and is in common use today amongst many large manufacturing concerns in the world. Ford’s story and business philosophy is brilliantly chronicled in this biography. Much of Ford’s wisdom has been forgotten today and therefore entrepreneurs and business managers alike would do well to take another look at this classic work on business management.

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