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How to Pray – Torrey: The How to Pray book, composed by R.A. Torrey around the start of the prior century, continues to be greatly applicable these days to educate every believer exactly what their prayer life ought to resemble and also exactly what can truly be achieved with a prayer life which God wishes christian believers to possess. Following is an extract from the book, dealing with prayer that is born of meditation upon the God’s Word:

The prayer that is born of meditation upon the Word of God is the prayer that soars upward most easily to God’s listening ear.

George Muller, one of the mightiest men of prayer of the present generation, when the hour for prayer came would begin by reading and meditating upon God’s Word until out of the study of the Word a prayer began to form itself in his heart. Thus God Himself was a real author of the prayer, and God answered the prayers which He Himself had inspired.

The Word of God is the instrument through which the Holy Spirit works, it is the sword of the Spirit in more senses than one; and the one who would know the work of the Holy Spirit in any direction must feed upon the Word. The one who would pray in the Spirit must meditate much upon the Word, that the Holy Spirit may have something through which He can work. The Holy Spirit works His prayers in us through the Word, and neglect of the Word makes praying in the Holy Spirit an impossibility. If we would feed the fire of our prayers with the fuel of God’s Word, all our difficulties in prayer would disappear.

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How to PrayBy R.A. Torrey

“How to Pray” is a riveting and compelling call to prayer.

Pastor, educator, evangelist, and author R.A. Torrey delivers a no-nonsense handbook to show you that your prayer life can be what God intends it to be.

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