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The Captain Blood Book: This wonderful buccaneer adventure story called Captain Blood: His Oddysey, written by Rafael Sabatini and originally published in 1922, involves a doctor who had been sentenced wrongfully for treason at some stage in the Monmouth rebellion in 1685. He was shipped to the Carribean to be traded into slavery, and down the line escaped and started to be an extremely flourishing pirate, both feared and resented by the Spanish.

The main character in the novel is Dr. Peter Blood, a sharp-witted Irish medical doctor who had had a wide-ranging occupation as both a soldier as well as a naval man prior to settling down to practice medicine inside the town of Bridgwater in Somersetshire.

It’s there inside the village of Bridgwater that the tale starts with Peter Blood looking after his flowers while the community prepares to battle for the Duke of Monmouth. Peter wants no part in the rebellion, nonetheless while attending to some of the wounded rebels, he is taken into custody. The doctor is found guilty of treason on the grounds that if someone intentionally provides hiding for or helps any person in rebellion against the king, then such a person is as much a traitor as the one that bore arms against the king.

Almost always, the sentence for treason is the death by the gallows, but the king, for solely monetary motives has the conviction for Doctor Blood along with other rebels commuted to shipment to the Caribbean, where they have to be sold as slaves.

Upon arrival on the island of Barbados, Peter Blood is purchased by Colonel Bishop, initially for labor in the Colonel’s sugar plantations, but is later hired out by Bishop once Peter’s abilities as a doctor turn out to be superior to those of the local medical doctors.

While a Spanish attacking force strikes the village, Peter Blood runs away along with quite a few other convict-slaves, captures the Spanish vessel and sails off to turn into one of the most thriving buccaneers in the Caribbean.

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Captain BloodBy Rafael Sabatini

A high-seas adventure of the 1680’s.

Dr. Peter Blood, an Irish doctor, is wrongfully accused of treason in the aftermath of the Monmouth rebellion in 1685. He is sent to the island of Barbados in the Carribean to be sold into slavery.

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