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Rafael Sabatini books have been a favorite choice among book lovers for over a 100 years, and also continue being popular among today’s enthusiastic adventure readers. Sabatini’s readership following was dedicated and extensive, since the reading public was knowledgable about the fact that in picking up one of several Rafael Sabatini books, they could always count upon a vibrant adventure book in addition to a good read.

Rafael Sabatini, an Italian/British author of novels of romance and adventure, was given birth to in Jesi, Italy, in 1875 to an English mother and Italian father, and Sabatini passed on in 1950 in Switzerland. Rafael Sabatini began to create short stories in the 1890s, and his initial book was published in 1902. It required just about twenty-five years of effort before he received success through the brilliant novel Scaramouche in 1921. Scaramouche, which relates to the French Revolution, quickly turned out to be a global best-seller. In 1922, Scaramouche was followed by the equally successful buccaneering adventure book, Captain Blood.

The accomplishment of both of these novels had the effect that all of his earlier works were rushed directly into reprints, the most favored of which was The Sea Hawk, published in 1915. Sabatini was such a productive author that he wrote a fresh novel practically every single year. While his following novels perhaps did not accomplish the substantial achievement of Scaramouche and Captain Blood, nevertheless Sabatini still maintained a lot of interest with book readers throughout the decades that followed. Throughout the 1940s, health issues forced this productive novelist to lessen the pace of his writing, nevertheless, he persisted to author, and wrote several more novels during this period.

Rafael Sabatini is best known for the following worldwide best-selling books:

1. The Sea Hawk (released in 1915), a story about the Spanish Armada along with the pirates of the Barbary Coast;

2. Scaramouche (released in 1921), a story about the French Revolution in which a fugitive hides out in a commedia dell’arte troupe and afterwards develops into a master fencer;

3. Captain Blood (published in 1922), in which the main character is leader of a fleet of buccaneering boats;

4. Bellarion the Fortunate (released in 1926), about a shrewd young man who finds himself immersed in the politics of 15-century Italy.

A number of the Rafael Sabatini books have been turned into memorable movies; a few in the silent movie era, and others during the sound era. Rafael Sabatini is laid to rest at Adelboden in Switzerland, and on his grave’s headstone his wife had penned, “He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad”. This expression is the initial line of Scaramouche, his most well-known published work.

Some other well-known novels of Sabatini are: The Suitors of Yvonne (released in 1902), Bardelys the Magnificent (released in 1905), The Shame of Motley (published in 1908), St. Martin’s Summer (published in 1909), Fortune’s Fool (released in 1923), Captain Blood Returns (also referred to as The Chronicles of Captain Blood, released in 1931), Scaramouche the King-Maker (released in 1931), The Black Swan (released in 1932) and The Fortunes of Captain Blood (published in 1936).

Listed below are selected Rafael Sabatini books to look at:

postheadericon Captain Blood

Captain BloodBy Rafael Sabatini

A high-seas adventure of the 1680’s.

Dr. Peter Blood, an Irish doctor, is wrongfully accused of treason in the aftermath of the Monmouth rebellion in 1685. He is sent to the island of Barbados in the Carribean to be sold into slavery.

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postheadericon Scaramouche

ScaramoucheBy Rafael Sabatini

A Romance of the French Revolution

Set against the backdrop of the French Revolution, Scaramouche starts off when Andre-Louis Moreau vows revenge after his best friend was killed in a mockery of a duel by an arrogant nobleman, Marquis de la Tour d’Azyr.

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postheadericon The Sea-Hawk

The Sea-HawkBy Rafael Sabatini

The Sea Hawk is another pirate adventure novel penned by Rafael Sabatini, author of Captain Blood. It was originally published in 1915 and is set in the late 16th century.

Sir Oliver Tressilian, a typical English sea-faring gentleman, is villainously betrayed by his jealous half-brother and is accused of murder. Sir Oliver is kidnapped off the Cornish coast, and forced to serve as a slave on a Spanish galley.

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