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Rafael Sabatini – Captain Blood: This amazing pirate adventure book, initially published in 1922, revolves around a medical doctor who had been convicted wrongfully for treason at the time of the Monmouth rebellion in 1685. He was sent to the Carribean to be traded into slavery, but later on escaped and became quite a thriving buccaneer, both dreaded and hated by the Spanish.

The central figure in the novel is Dr. Peter Blood, a sharp-witted Irish medical doctor who had had a far-ranging profession as both a military man and also a sailor before settling down to practice medicine inside the village of Bridgwater in Somersetshire.

It is actually there in the community of Bridgwater that the tale begins with Peter Blood attending to his flowers whilst the village prepares to combat for the Duke of Monmouth. Peter wants no part in the rebellion, nonetheless while aiding a few of the wounded rebels, he is taken into custody. The doctor is found guilty of treason for the reason that if any person knowingly provides hiding for or aids any person in rebellion against the king, then such an individual is as much a traitor as the person that rebelled in opposition to the king.

Usually, the conviction for treason is death by the gallows, but the king, for the purpose of entirely financial reasons, has the conviction for Doctor Blood as well as other rebels commuted to transportation to the Caribbean, where they are to be traded into slavery.

Upon arrival on the island of Barbados, Peter Blood is bought by Colonel Bishop, primarily for work in the Colonel’s sugar plantations, yet is afterwards hired out by Bishop when Peter’s competencies as a medical doctor prove better than those of the local doctors.

When a Spanish attacking force attacks the village, Peter Blood runs away along with several other convict-slaves, captures the Spanish ship and sails away to come to be one of the most thriving buccaneers in the Caribbean.

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Captain BloodBy Rafael Sabatini

A high-seas adventure of the 1680’s.

Dr. Peter Blood, an Irish doctor, is wrongfully accused of treason in the aftermath of the Monmouth rebellion in 1685. He is sent to the island of Barbados in the Carribean to be sold into slavery.

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