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GreenmantleBy John Buchan

Greenmantle is a classic espionage thriller packed with action that is set in the First World War.

The reckless all-action hero Richard Hannay, first featured in John Buchan’s thriller The Thirty-Nine Steps, is summoned to probe rumors of an uprising in the Muslim world.

He undertakes a dangerous journey through enemy territory to meet up with his friend Sandy Arbuthnot; and together with Peter Pienaar, the old Boer scout, and John S. Blenkiron, the American determined to fight the Kaiser, they travel in disguise to the Russian border to face the German conspirators: the grotesque and hard-headed Colonel Ulrich von Stumm, and the powerful and wicked Hilda von Einem.

ISBN: 978-1-920265-63-2

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Type: Paperback (US Trade – 6×9 inch)
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