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Northanger Abbey

Northanger AbbeyBy Jane Austen

Seventeen year-old Catherine Morland goes to Bath for the season as the guest of family friends Mr. and Mrs. Allen.

Catherine is a naive girl who also has an overactive imagination, which is further magnified by her obsession with gothic literature. She is captivated by Henry Tilney with his views on literature and his knowledge of history and the world. Henry’s father, General Tilney, invites Catherine to visit their estate, Northanger Abbey.

Because of her interest in gothic literature, Catherine expects Northanger Abbey to be ancient, dark and full of fantastical mystery. She soon starts to imagine several gruesome secrets regarding the General and his house, but eventually she discovers that she cannot interpret the world through the pages of lurid thrillers.

Will it be too late to regain the General’s trust and save her romance with Henry?

ISBN: 978-1-920265-61-8

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