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The Rodgers Word Search Book For Adults Volume 2

The Rodgers Word Search BookBy Ridgley Rodgers

75 Large Print Word Search Puzzles For Fun And Brain Fitness

Studies have shown that Word Search puzzles have the ability to expand one’s vocabulary and help to keep one’s brain fit. In addition, Word Search puzzles also help with mental stimulation for ageing brains. But most important of all, word search brain teasers can be a lot of fun! The Rodgers Word Search Book For Adults Volume 2 aims to bring all these elements together for your brain stimulation as well as your total enjoyment.

Each Word Search Puzzle in this book covers a different topic or theme and a variety of general knowledge themes are included.

There are 75 puzzles with solutions in a larger-than-normal print format. Instructions are included for those who have never completed a Word Search puzzle before.

If you enjoy solving puzzles, please take a look at Ridgley Rodgers’ other books: The Rodgers Word Search Book For Adults Volume 1 and The Rodgers Rebus Puzzle Book.

ISBN: 978-1-920414-02-3

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Type: Paperback (8.5×11 inch)
Location: USA
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