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Yet Another DayBy J. H. Jowett

A Prayer for Every Day of the Year

Yet Another Day incorporates a short prayer for each day of the year to guide and fulfil your prayer life. These prayers directly penetrate your heart’s deepest recesses and open your eyes for the all-encompassing love of Jesus Christ by teaching you to listen and to be quiet in God.

The author, the Rev. John Henry Jowett, M.A., stated the following in his foreword: We need a firmer and quieter assurance while we pray. Even in our supplications it is needful to “rest in the Lord.” Perhaps it would be a good thing for many of us in our praying seasons if we were to say less and to listen more. “I will hear what God the Lord will speak.”

Listening might bring restfulness where speech would only inflame us. It is not an insignificant thing that the marginal rendering of that lovely phrase, “Rest in the Lord,” is just this, “Be silent unto the Lord.”

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